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Trouble Floppy Booting an MVME167

I am not very familiar with MVME, but thought I'd try to get Debian to run on a 167.
My first step was to boot up from floppy, but I'm unable to reach the LILO prompt.

Here is what I have done.
1) removed other target boards (162s) from the bus
2) reconfigured SCSI bus so that TEAC floppy drive is ID 0
3) jumpered the 167 for SRAM and checked that the starting memory is zero-filled (MD 0:40:L)
4) entered either AB or BO at the bug or diag prompt.

When I enter BH (boot halt) at the bug prompt and then trace, I see some code that contains a "SYSCALL .DSKRD".  Following this floppy disk access is a branch statement that probably leads to a successful boot.  The trace fails to take this branch and loops back and repeats (including the "SYSCALL .DSKRD").  On a third loop, before the "SYSCALL .DSKRD", it branches to $10000 where memory is zero-filled.

I have tried different floppy diskettes, and both the potato and woody rescue.bin images created using rawrite2.
All results appear the same.  Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?

I have noted the D4 register is 49504C2C, but Motorola BO documentation indicates it should be 49504C0C.
The documentaion states the 0C at the end indicates "TRAP #15 support with stack parameter passing TRAP #15 disk support".
I don't know whether this is significant, but thought I'd mention it.  Perhaps the bit set by the 2 is not relevant.

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