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Re: buildd hosts

> > Yes, those look good, but how do we verify you?  When I asked the question
> > myself, I wondered why they'd trust me to do that...
> Authorization is granted as usual through appropriate certificates, such as
> gpg keys/encrypted mails with passwd entries.

I believe Mike isn't asking how I'd verify access for Debian developers on
my machine; he's asking how you Debian developers can prove that I haven't
modified my Mac to insert untrusted binaries into the distribution.  Keep
in mind I'm not a Debian developer, so my PGP keys aren't on the official
keyring.  I'm just some guy with a spare Mac. :-)

> A buildd requires root/sudo access for developers (in short). Sure, not
> every maintainer who want to build a package with sbuild need that access to
> outworld of chroot, but this shows why there is no buildd package in the
> archive. Running a buildd is *not* trivial! ;-)  

I realize this.  I'd like to see my Mac's CPU cycles utilized and I'd be okay
with giving root access to a couple m68k developers to do so.  I have no idea
how to run a buildd, but if someone out there does, and has time to manage
things (or show me how to manage one) I'd like to provide another compile

Mike Shuey

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