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Re: buildd hosts

On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 11:52:34AM -0500, Michael Shuey wrote:
> > > Yes, those look good, but how do we verify you?  When I asked the question
> > > myself, I wondered why they'd trust me to do that...
> > Authorization is granted as usual through appropriate certificates, such as
> > gpg keys/encrypted mails with passwd entries.
> I believe Mike isn't asking how I'd verify access for Debian developers on
> my machine; he's asking how you Debian developers can prove that I haven't
> modified my Mac to insert untrusted binaries into the distribution.  Keep
> in mind I'm not a Debian developer, so my PGP keys aren't on the official
> keyring.  I'm just some guy with a spare Mac. :-)

Well, how can you grant that Linus didn't built in some backdoors in the
Kernel? ;-)
And I'm neither a Debian Developer nor a Debian Maintainer, but only
contributed/donated a build machine to the project.
But that should change somewhen... in the meantime I have to trust the
people that are having accounts on arrakis that they don't do bad things as
well as they have to trust me that I'm not doing that... 
Even if one is a Debian Developer you cannot grant that he'll do no bad

> > A buildd requires root/sudo access for developers (in short). Sure, not
> > every maintainer who want to build a package with sbuild need that access to
> > outworld of chroot, but this shows why there is no buildd package in the
> > archive. Running a buildd is *not* trivial! ;-)  
> I realize this.  I'd like to see my Mac's CPU cycles utilized and I'd be okay
> with giving root access to a couple m68k developers to do so.  I have no idea
> how to run a buildd, but if someone out there does, and has time to manage
> things (or show me how to manage one) I'd like to provide another compile
> host.

You should contact Michael Schmitz (busy) or Roman Hodek (always busy). 

I don't know if m68k need more autobuilders or not. Please read this as:
every buildd produces some work for the buildd admin and Michael nor Roman
simply can not care about every machine on their own. ;-) This does not
mean, your machine won't be welcome, though just ask Michael how you (or
other can help or contribute... 

So, what m68k actually really need are active developers! 
Some (one or more) machines would be nice to have for public access to
Debian Maintainers, though, where they can log on, build their packages on
their own, track down bugs, etc...  


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