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Re: bug with quadra 605

idalton@ferret.phonewave.net wrote:
> (I've just subscribed to the list, so am replying via the list archive)
> Hamish Moffatt <[8]hamish@debian.org> so spoke:
> On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 09:56:07AM -0300, Daniel Macedo Lorenzini wrote:
> > inittab with the inittab.real the system starts,
> > but when i try to
> > install some packages with apt-get or dpkg i get
> > some error messages
> > like Segmentation fault of Bus error, which sounds
> > very bad to me.
> > i have tryied installing it again, but the problem
> > repeats. i tryied to
> > install the kernel-souce deb package to compile the
> > kernel, but the dpkg
> > said that the end of file was strange and couldn t
> > install.
> >
> > anyone has a clue of what is going on?
> Sounds like a hardware fault? Bad memory perhaps?
> --------
> I've seen the same things with my 'new' Quadra 605:
> * Segmentation fault
> * Bus error
> * Illegal instruction
> I'm wondering if, despite this machine's listing in the list of macs
> known to run Linux, that it won't work because of its having an LC040
> (no FPU).
> To date:
> dpkg-reconfigure fails to run.
> apt-get fails to run.
> dpkg -i <foo.deb> runs.
> -- Ferret

Check the list archives and the linux-mac68k@mac-linux-m68k.org mailing
list for a list of the LC040 chips that have a bad mask revision.  There
were some LC040 chips that were bad and will not work properly even with
an FPU emulator.  Apple seems to have used a large number of these chips
in Macintoshes.  What you are experiencing are the exact symptoms of an
LC040 with a bad mask revision.  The solution is to replace with a 68040
or an LC040 with a known good mask revision.

Ray Knight

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