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Re: bug with quadra 605

(I've just subscribed to the list, so am replying via the list archive)

Hamish Moffatt <[8]hamish@debian.org> so spoke:

On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 09:56:07AM -0300, Daniel Macedo Lorenzini wrote:
> inittab with the inittab.real the system starts,
> but when i try to
> install some packages with apt-get or dpkg i get
> some error messages
> like Segmentation fault of Bus error, which sounds
> very bad to me.
> i have tryied installing it again, but the problem
> repeats. i tryied to
> install the kernel-souce deb package to compile the
> kernel, but the dpkg
> said that the end of file was strange and couldn t
> install.
> anyone has a clue of what is going on?

Sounds like a hardware fault? Bad memory perhaps?


I've seen the same things with my 'new' Quadra 605:
* Segmentation fault
* Bus error
* Illegal instruction

I'm wondering if, despite this machine's listing in the list of macs
known to run Linux, that it won't work because of its having an LC040
(no FPU).

To date:

dpkg-reconfigure fails to run.
apt-get fails to run.

dpkg -i <foo.deb> runs.

-- Ferret

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