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Re: bug with quadra 605

Alan wrote:
> idalton@ferret.phonewave.net wrote:
> >
> > Did some checking late last night and found out that my specific chip
> > revision is 'known buggy'. Unfortunately Motorola's website is down
> > (ports 80 and 443 and closed) so I can't verify the chip errata. The
> > link in question is
> > <http://www.mot.com/SPS/HPESD/aesop/680X0/040/040de.txt>, from the FAQ
>               ^^^
> Try "motorola" instead. It produces a referer page and then one with
> various sources of documentation.

I did a little more digging on the new page and I think this is the
direct link to the errata you were looking for;

> > at linux-m68k.org (http://www.mac.linux-m68k.org/docs/faq.php#sec-4).
> >
> > Interestingly, the old FAQ linked to at
> > <http://www.linux-m68k.org/faq/faq.html> from the Debian m68k ports page
> > doesn't seem to mention this issue at all.

Actually, I think this is covered in the Processor sub-section of the
supported hardware section. It at least says you need a functioning MMU
and FPU, since FPU emulation is not working (at the time it was

> > -- Ferret


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