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Re: joining this list

> > If you mac uses the mac53c9x driver for scsi you want to might want to
> > add mac53c9x=1,0 (1 scsi bus) or mac53c9x=2,0 (2 scsi busses) to your
> > boot command. The second does make my machine pretty stable (Quadra
> > 950).
> I only have one SCSI bus.  What exactly is this argument going to do that
> isn't the default behavior?

Until I gave my Quadra 950 the mac53c9x=1 arg the kernel detected _two_ SCSI
busses, one for the internal jack and one for the external jack.  This is, I
think, wrong.  Things didn't boot.  mac53c9x=1 forced it to one SCSI bus and
it booted, although for some reason it won't use the external SCSI jack now.

Mike Shuey

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