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Re: joining this list

Michael Shuey wrote:
> > > If you mac uses the mac53c9x driver for scsi you want to might want to
> > > add mac53c9x=1,0 (1 scsi bus) or mac53c9x=2,0 (2 scsi busses) to your
> > > boot command. The second does make my machine pretty stable (Quadra
> > > 950).
> >
> > I only have one SCSI bus.  What exactly is this argument going to do that
> > isn't the default behavior?
> Until I gave my Quadra 950 the mac53c9x=1 arg the kernel detected _two_ SCSI
> busses, one for the internal jack and one for the external jack.  This is, I
> think, wrong.  Things didn't boot.  mac53c9x=1 forced it to one SCSI bus and
> it booted, although for some reason it won't use the external SCSI jack now.
> --
> Mike Shuey

This was fixed by me around somewhere around kernel 2.2.14  If you want
to use the external bus upgrade your kernel to either 2.2.18 or 2.2.19
and remove the mac53c9x=1 from the command options in penguin.  I use a
Quadra 950 for development and it is extremly stable running the 2.2.18

Ray Knight

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