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Re: X-surf driver

Erik van Roode wrote:

> >That's what I did as well. The problem is that I get error 1 while
> >trying to
> >compile that source :( don't know why...
>    Are you trying to compile with make-kpkg or do it manually with make?
> See below.

with make

I do:

alinux#make config

I then select to not use modules, enable affs, ariadne2, scsi, ramdisk, ext2,
minix, blizz1230ivscsi, iso9660 and few more. After that I do a:

alinux#make dep


alinux#make clean

and finally:

alinux#make zImage

it then compiles for a few hours and exits with error 1

> Showing the exact error message would help. If you use make-kpkg,
> an attempt is made to create the .deb in <kernel-source directory>/..
> (parent directory) Assuming you are not using root account, make
> sure you have write permissions there.

I'm logged in as root, so there should be no write troubles.

Today I deleted the sources, an reunpacked them form the .tar-file to start from
scratch. Then I patched the ariadne2.c file, and did the first three steps with
no troubles that far. Tomorrow I'll try to finish with a make zImage, and I hope
that will work. If it doesn't I'll post the whole error if I can.

BTW: Is it correct that the source dir is called "kernel-source-2.2.17", or
should I rename it to "linux"? Might there be troubles with looking up files
because of this mabye?


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