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Re: X-surf driver

Erik van Roode wrote:

> That "I'll try tonight" was delayed a bit, but today I finally managed

> to get my wife to go shopping alone ;) The changes that need to be
> made to ariadne2.c are so trivial, I'm almost ashamed it took me
> so much time to figure it out.

already patched the file. The patch is not excatly as described, but not

different to not understand...to put it that way.

>    Anyway, the patches are for 2.2.17pre6. One of these days I'll
> try a newer version

That's what I did as well. The problem is that I get error 1 while
trying to
compile that source :( don't know why... I suppose I should decomress
the kernel
bzip2 file again, and do _only_ the neserscary patch, and do a very
staightforward compilation. But that takes bl**dy ages though...

Nice to know that it will work though :), and that you seem to have
patched it the same way I did.

BTW: does error 1 mean anything special? I think it shows up at the end
linking the .o files (after a few hours of compiling).


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