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Re: X-surf driver

At 23:32 +0100 3/19/01, Øyvin Halfan Thuv wrote:
Erik van Roode wrote:

    Anyway, the patches are for 2.2.17pre6. One of these days I'll
 try a newer version

That's what I did as well. The problem is that I get error 1 while
trying to
compile that source :( don't know why...

  Are you trying to compile with make-kpkg or do it manually with make?
See below.

Nice to know that it will work though :), and that you seem to have
patched it the same way I did.

That's reassuring for me as well.

BTW: does error 1 mean anything special? I think it shows up at the end
linking the .o files (after a few hours of compiling).

Showing the exact error message would help. If you use make-kpkg,
an attempt is made to create the .deb in <kernel-source directory>/..
(parent directory) Assuming you are not using root account, make
sure you have write permissions there.


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