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Quadra 950 stable->testing upgrade

I got a Mac Quadra 950 recently; now it runs Debian 2.2 quite nicely.
However, when I try to upgrade it to testing it chokes on libc6.  For
some reason the postinst invoked as it replaces files from ldso SEGV's,
as does the script it tries after that fails.  I'm trying libc6 2.2.2-1.

I've also tried using 2.1.3-17 (as opposed to 2.1.3-13, which is installed
now) from the security updates.  Same result - the postinst scripts both
SEGV.  It looks like /bin/bash just doesn't like the libc that's being
installed.  Any suggestions?  Should I try a newer kernel (still using the
2.2.10 from macinstall.tgz), or some funky dpkg options?

Mike Shuey

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