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Re: netatalk on a Mac LC520

OK, I did as Bjoern Brill suggested below and now I'm getting a long
list of:

depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.2.17/[module path and name]

In other words, every module in 2.2.17 is telling me that there is an
Unresolved symbols problem.  I've searched the debian site, the mail
archives, and the web in general and haven't found anything that seemed
similar except one item that suggested that you needed to created a
directory named ida in the /dev directory and then run MAKEDEV inside
the /dev folder.  That didn't do anything.  

I'm a newbie and not that capable at linux so if anyone can help, please
be sure to type slowly to that I'll understand your response.  ;-)

Thanks in advance.

Rob Sabey

Bjoern Brill wrote:

> Looks like you don't have support for the appletalk protocol in the
> kernel. Either you compile it in, or maybe you have an appletalk.o module
> somewhere in /lib/modules; should be /lib/modules/2.2.17/misc/appletalk.o .
> If you find one, try modprobe appletalk. To get this automated, add a
> alias net-pf-5 appletalk
> line to /etc/conf.modules . More precisely: put the line in
> /etc/modutils/aliases and then run update-modules. This is the Debian
> way.

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