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Re: help!

On Wed, Feb 21, 2001 at 05:56:49PM +1030, Daniel MacLeod wrote:
> i followed the installation process as far as i know. everything went fine.
> i didnt install any other modules as it is a stand alone atm as i cant
> afford a network or even a modem. in the penguin installer, i changed the
Hmm, there might be modules for mouse, sound, etc. Not all modules are for
network devices... but if its working, you can load them later.
> command line to read "root=dev/sda3" as sda1 is the mac os partition and
> sda2 is the swap. the only thing i wasnt sure of is: do you still have to
> have the kernel and ram disk? as the quick install guide i have (i'll admit
Unless you never want to reboot, you should keep at least the kernel.
Keeping the ramdisk is a good thing(TM), in case you trah your installation,
you can boot with the ramdisk, mount your disk partitions and repair.

> it is a bit old) didnt tell me what to do in this respect. i hope i have
> helped you to find the prob
Huh, its your prob, not my prob, isn't it? How shall I find it without the
machine... just one more idea, can you write exactly what you put into the
Penguin options (why isn't there a complete example in the docs or am I just
blind?). It says to change root=/dev/ram to root=/dev/sda3 (in your case,
looks ok), but maybe you still have the ramdisk there? It should (never seen
that part of Penguin, so I am guessing here) only contain root=/dev/xxx and
the kernel (linux), no more ramdisk, since you want to boot from HDD.
If that does not work, boot the ramdisk again and show us the output of:
 fdisk -l /dev/sda
just to make sure you are using the right partition.
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