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Re: help!

i followed the installation process as far as i know. everything went fine.
i didnt install any other modules as it is a stand alone atm as i cant
afford a network or even a modem. in the penguin installer, i changed the
command line to read "root=dev/sda3" as sda1 is the mac os partition and
sda2 is the swap. the only thing i wasnt sure of is: do you still have to
have the kernel and ram disk? as the quick install guide i have (i'll admit
it is a bit old) didnt tell me what to do in this respect. i hope i have
helped you to find the prob


-Daniel MacLeod
on 19/2/01 3:58 AM, Christian T. Steigies at cts@debian.org wrote:

> On Sat, Feb 17, 2001 at 11:30:22PM +1030, Daniel MacLeod wrote:
>> hi i'm new to linux aand debian and ive had a problem with installing it.
>> ive put it on a Centris 650 and when i boot in from the root partition,
>> after the clock setting, it comes up with the error:
>> /bin/sh: /sbin/termwrap: No such file or directory
>> /bin/sh: /sbin/termwrap: cannot execute: no such file or directory
> Are you sure you installed debian correctly? termwrap seems to be called
> during the initial boot only (see newgroup for a simila problem), I have
> never seen it on a debian system after installation (and never noted it
> during, but its mentioned in the boot-floppies source, in fact its a shell
> script in the boot-floppies). I would guess right now, that you unpacked
> base.tgz or root.bin by-hand and did not let the installer make this work?
> Can you describe how you performed the installation? Did you do it according
> to the mac quickinstall guide? Maybe you simply forgot the root=/dev/hdxxx
> thingy? Or have two roots?
> Christian

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