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Re: m68k Packages...

On Thursday 15 February 2001 14:47, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:
> I'm not averted to this.  I'll think about it this week and
> double-check CVS for anything that might fix things again.  From my
> research last time, though, nothing changed that should've affected
> that arch.

I traced it up to ldwrite.c::ldwrite::536  if(!bfd_final_link (...

Everything looked fine until there (haha) ;-)

I was in a hurry and so didn't scrap any notes, so i'm unable to give 
clear hints. But i checked for lib filenames, at any point sth. was 
strange and the -t output garbled; an output line split, continued some 
lines below and then the rest of the output continued from the original 
line. I have the _feeling_, no clues yet, it's anywhere around elf32.em.

But don' take this to seriously in your attempts. I tried to cross-link 
and the hardcoded "/etc/ld.so...." in there is certainly a bug in that 
case :)

But i needed output ans so reverted to 2.01.

If i could be of any help, i'ld be willing. My TT however has serious 
problems with the system clock/dma and so talks only to _me_ with 19k2, 
not to the outside world (could hook up the Zyxel 14.4kbd, though ;)

It  *will* be fixed! martin

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