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Se/30 installation

installation of potato hangs on my se/30 after the continue screen.
it draws up the config/install menu and wants me to configure the keyboard,
after drawing the "window" a message at the top of the screen says

"ERROR: Shift algorithm: sx=83,sy=30,dx=84,dy=30,w=1,h=1,bpp=1"

I can't proceed any further than this and I can't switch to any other

My machine is a Macintosh SE/30 (68030) with 20megs of ram a 500meg HD and a
zip, also with an asante ethernet card.
I am trying to install debian 2.2.19 using the slink kernel, I am usure of
the actual version of the kernel booting through penguin 17
	IF i boot using the 2.2 kernel the machine hangs during the scsi
scan, so I've been trying with the slink kernel seeing as I've gotten futher
with it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

	Tom Julstrom


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