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m68k buildd presents significant problem for non-us and testing

[I believe at least the initial cross-post is appropriate; cc me if
you drop debian-devel.]

Looking at incoming/DONE on pandora, it looks as if m68k buildd has
not built packages for non-us since January 10.  This means that
packages uploaded since January 10 with m68k support have not made it
into testing.  I'm not really sure that buildd for m68k even builds
non-us.  I believe it does, because it looks like krb5-1.2.1-8 (one of
my packages) was built by the standard buildd.

I believe this is unacceptably long.  Non-us maintainers want their
packages tested too; users who are running testing also depend on
these packages.

More than that, if we are preparing for a freeze,  waiting a month to
start getting feedback on how a package interacts with testing will
significantly decrease the quality of packages in the non-us section
of the archive.

We want Debian to have strong cryptographic security and we're not
going to do a quality job of that if you have to wait a month to get a
bug fix into testing; the cycle time for a release later this year is
too long.

If there is some problem with the m68k buildd it should be fixed.
Otherwise, we should consider either allowing maintainers to drop
support for m68k if they can't get a machine to build their packages
themselves or allowing packages only waiting on m68k to go into
testing anyway.

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