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Re: call for ports to begin using 2.4.0 headers for glibc

On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 09:37:01PM +0000, Philip Blundell wrote:

> I think the hpfb driver is in the tree, though it's probably quite badly 
I did not see an option to activate it in 2.2.17 (and this time I looked),
but I found the driver. Ah, the driver is automatically included when HP300
is activated?

  if [ "$CONFIG_MAC" = "y" ]; then
    bool 'Apple "valkyrie" display support' CONFIG_FB_VALKYRIE
#    bool 'Apple DAFB display support' CONFIG_FB_DAFB
    define_bool CONFIG_FB_MAC y
  if [ "$CONFIG_HP300" = "y" ]; then
    define_bool CONFIG_FB_HP300 y

> bit-rotted by now.  Yes, you can boot with tftp - you need a special "rbootd" 
> server, plus RARP and bootparams.  No, there is no SCSI or IDE (or HPIB even)
Is that special rbootd available? For debian? Could it be used on the Debian
> support for hp300 at the moment.
Nor SCSI neihter ID support, HP does not use harddisks or what? Or do you
mean the drivers are not yet ready? Quite useless to try building
kernel-images then (unless you do everything via the network)?
Maybe we should try to aquire some supported machines for Ben and others. Or
ship Sven's A1k2... btw, can somebody recommend a company, which ships
reliably, fast, (and cheap) computers (like my A2k) from europe/germany to the

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