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Re: install prob: "unable to open initial console" on A4000

Gene Heskett sends Greetings to Dr.O.Muth ;

>Hi Christian,

>here now the promised update for the mailing list:

>The "unable to open an initial console" was not the problem. I could solve
>it by just copying the /dev/console from my old Redhat installation over
>the debian´s.

>However, it still hang. I identified the program dbootstrap as the one which
>was blocking the system.

>I disassembled and re-assembled my machine part by part, I removed the RAM,
>took another processor card etc., and finally the oktagon controller proved
>to be "guilty" of stopping dbootstrap.  I had an oktagon controller in a
>Zorro slot, because I use it sometimes for my scanner.
>I do not know, why dbootstrap  hangs. I had the idea, that it might be
>probing for devices on the oktagon, but it did not recover even after 15-20
>minutes, and I have not been patient enough to try it for hours ;-)

>So no idea.

>Well, at least, it works now.

Dr Muth, is your machine equipt with an 060?  There is a command in the
init code of the oktagon rom that while good for 020-030-and I think
040's, crashes an 060 in a very small repeating loop.  Its called a
movep in assembly.  Either remove the rom, or reburn it with a later
image of revision 6.12.  6.10 won't cut it, but due to the way amigados
searches for version strings, even 6.12 will report its 6.10.

I have images of that newer version if you have access to a burner, or
you can find out where to get it from Oliver Kastle.  I don't have a
recent address for Ollie though, but he was on your side of the pond the
last I knew.  Jens Schoenfeld may also know where to get it, or where
Ollie is.

Cheers, Gene
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