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Re: install prob: "unable to open initial console" on A4000

Hi Gene

thank you very much for your answer.

On 27-Okt-00 Gene Heskett wrote:
> Dr Muth, is your machine equipt with an 060?  
Yes, it is. (Cyberstorm MK II 68060/50)

> image of revision 6.12.  6.10 won't cut it, but due to the way amigados
> searches for version strings, even 6.12 will report its 6.10.
Yes, because it checks only the software driver Devs:oktagon.device and not
the ROM.
But I upgraded some time ago, and I just verified, that there is a "6.12"
sticker on the EPROM.
Thus, this should be fine.

> I have images of that newer version if you have access to a burner, or
Thanks for the offer. But now, since I have installed Debian without the
oktagon controller, it runs without problems, even when I re-install the
It was just the program dbootstrap, that hung, when the oktagon was

However, I did not yet check, whether the system would now access any
devices attached to the oktagon. Normally I have only my scanner attached
to it, and I do not even know a scan program for Linux-m68k.
All other devices are attached to the Cyberstorm SCSI.

If you are interested, I can give you an update on this, as soon as I have
tested the oktagon with a hard drive attached to it. 


Dr. Oliver Muth
email: mailto:Dr.O.Muth@t-online.de
A4K 060/50 CV64 128MB >10GB
PGP-key available on request

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