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Re: WG: Potato and NOVA Graphicscard on an ATARI Falcon with Afterbur ner

On Fri, Oct 20, 2000 at 08:10:22AM +0200, Szymanski, Frank-Peter wrote:

> When I used the old standard 2.0.36 kernel I couldn't get X running in
> fastram but after I built my own kernel without 68020, 68030, 68040
> optimizations I could get X running.
wait a minute, afterburner is an 060 board?

> P.S.: I think it is also a Debian issue because I believe that there should
> be a special afterburner kernel in the Debian distribution
Then make one. Or at least give us the patches you want included and a
config file.
But I don't think we want to make another subarch for afterburner, unless of
course you make the required patches to the boot-floppies.

PS If the kernel breaks its a kernel problem. I just want you to discuss and
fix it there. The kernel hackers are on the kernel list, many of them do not
read the debian list. When its fixed, you come back with a patch and a
config file, and we build a kernel-image package. Ok?

PS2 did anybody test the new kernel-patch package (2.2.10) from Nick
already? I built an amiga kernel with that and it has been working for some
hours, even with some (ariadne2) patches missing, when I compared it to my
old image packages. Unfortunately it has been running only for a few hours,
maybe my machine does not like kernels built in AD2000? Or it was again the
gvpii driver, but I did not see any messages.

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