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Re: Potato and NOVA Graphicscard on an ATARI Falcon with Afterbur ner

>> fastram but after I built my own kernel without 68020, 68030, 68040
>> optimizations I could get X running.
>wait a minute, afterburner is an 060 board?

No, the afterburner is a 68040 board. I forgot to tell you that you should
also disable 68060 optimizations, so the only way to get a kernel that runs
on an afterburner is to disable all 68020, 68030, 68040 *and* 68060

>> P.S.: I think it is also a Debian issue because I believe that there
>> be a special afterburner kernel in the Debian distribution
>Then make one. 
>Or at least give us the patches you want included and a config file.

There is no patch necessary. One has just to compile it without

>But I don't think we want to make another subarch for afterburner, unless
>course you make the required patches to the boot-floppies.

Same as above.

>PS If the kernel breaks its a kernel problem. 

The kernel only breaks when compiled with the wrong configuration so I don't
think its a kernel problem at all. It's a problem of the afterburner card.

>read the debian list. When its fixed, you come back with a patch and a
>config file, and we build a kernel-image package. Ok?




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