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Re: new mac test kernel for bootfloppies

On Wed, Oct 18, 2000 at 11:53:21AM +0200, Alfred de Wijn wrote:
> hi folks.
> There's a new kernel for everybody to test over at
> http://www.phys.uu.nl/~dwijn/mac68k.html. I would ask you all kindly to
> test this kernel, since it has a fix for the problems with 5380-SCSI
> based mac models. On my IIci, there's no oopses, buserrors or anything,
> even under heavy disk load.
> This kernel could be used for the new bootfloppies, provided it's stable.
You know that I need patches and the config file to build a kernel-image. 
Or you build a kernel-image?
Maybe for once we could have the kernel-image used in the boot-floppies also
in the distribution, but anyway I need a kernel-image package, there is
absolutely no way to build boot-floppies with this kernel without the
kernel-image package.
> It would very much prefer using a 2.2.16 kernel for the new bootfloppies
> instead of a 2.2.10. Now, if there's really no other way, I'll use the
> same kernel that's used now.
If you fix 2.2.16 so that it runs stable on mac, atari and amiga, we can use
it. But as long as I build the m68k boot-floppies I prefer to have a kernel
which has been tested a little and is working on the machines I have access

BTW I am uploading a new test build of the 2.2.18 boot-floppies to
right now. But give it a few minutes until I arranged things correctly.


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