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new mac test kernel for bootfloppies

hi folks.

There's a new kernel for everybody to test over at
http://www.phys.uu.nl/~dwijn/mac68k.html. I would ask you all kindly to
test this kernel, since it has a fix for the problems with 5380-SCSI
based mac models. On my IIci, there's no oopses, buserrors or anything,
even under heavy disk load.

This kernel could be used for the new bootfloppies, provided it's stable.

It would very much prefer using a 2.2.16 kernel for the new bootfloppies
instead of a 2.2.10. Now, if there's really no other way, I'll use the
same kernel that's used now.

Thanks, Alfred

Alfred G. de Wijn,  Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, Utrecht University
 Home address:  Baarnseweg 26A, 3735 MH Bosch en Duin, The Netherlands
   e-mail: A.G.deWijn@phys.uu.nl    web: http://www.phys.uu.nl/~dwijn

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