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Re: /proc/hardware

So how many got bounced mails becaue I entered a wrong address of the list?
Anyway, I think I got enough responses (overwhelming, may I use that
collected data for commerical purposes ;-) only Atari is missing, but I
guess it would be similar to the others.

On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 11:17:50PM +0200, Richard Zidlicky wrote:
> >  grep Model /proc/hardware
> You can add 'Q40' and 'Q60', one never knows <g>.
Model: Q40 ?
You got a point there, if the hardware is not detected, you can not install
debian. Q40/Q60 is not mentioned at the moment, shall we include you? Is
there an fdisk your your machine? I think that one is also needed. Not sure
what else is needed to install on your machine, but we could give it a try?
How do you call the machine, the Q machine? Ah, maybe you need a special
kernel? But if you send me a config file (for 2.2.10) that should be no
problem either.
Anybody objecting? Nick, do you see any problems (besides the usual lack of


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