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Re: 68040 buserror patch

Hi all,

On  13 Oct, this message from Andrew McPherson echoed through cyberspace:
>> > the buserror patch should not break anything itself, I am running variations
>> > of it for more than 3 months. The assembly part of it is fairly minimal btw.
>> > 
>> > Possibly it is something with 2.2.16? I have tried 2.2.17 which exhibits
>> > the classical 68040 fork problem, so I have not really tested anything newer 
>> > than 2.2.10 in the 2.2 branch.
>> I have just tested a self compiled 2.2.16 without the buserror patch,
>> and it does lock up as well after roughly 30 minutes of inactivity.
>> So it's something with 2.2.16, I'd say...
>> Andrew, didn't you publish 2.2.16 kernels before the one with the patch?
>> I'll try one of those. But I can already say that your latest 2.2.14
>> kernel doesn't have the lockup problem..
> Yes, I did put out a few 2.2.16 kernels before the bus error patch.
> They're in the usual place: ftp://macduff.dhs.org/pub/cvs. I also put up a
> new kernel just now which I compiled without the bus error patch. Give
> that a try and see if it works.

That one does work OK so far (3 hours of uptime, system completely idle
except a few daemons).

I'll test more tomorrow. Where can I get the .config your latest 2.2.16
was compiled with? I'll try and recreate that here with my tools...



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