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Re: kernel-image 2.2.16 (atari)

On Mon, Oct 09, 2000 at 11:12:46PM +0200, Ulrich Stubbemann wrote:
> I've successfully installed the kernel image on my machine.

> were there. In my 2.0.36 Kernel I introduced these functions. Since I do not
> know how to use functions like "..wait_interruptible" my code does not follow
> the Linux standards and is not published (but works).
Maybe you should ask on linux-m68k for guidance, so your patch can be
included someday (DCF-77 on the joystickport? That sounds interesting!).
> 2. With this kernel X will not start. This makes the kernel almost unusable
Hmm, you're the second atari user saying that...
> on my machine since most programmes need X. I have reported the behaviour of
gcc and make do not need X, so you can get the kernel source and try to fix
it yourself ;-)
I don't have an atari, remote debugging is a little bit difficult, when it
comes to kernel issues.
> X with a Kernel 2.2.10 earlier in this lists "Kernel 2.2.10 (m68k) and 
> xserver-fbdev". The behaviour is the same for Kernel 2.2.16.
Ok, please report again on the linux-m68k list, maybe the kernel hackers
know something.
> Beside the messages already reported I found the following additional 
> message in 'kern.log':
> ==========================================
> Oct  9 21:03:31 Fabian kernel: weird write access at 0xc00ff000 from pc 0x8010d290 (ssw is 0x709)
> Oct  9 21:03:31 Fabian kernel: level 0 mmusr is 0x400
> ==========================================
> The message is repeated 4 times for a xdm start (trying startx gives only 1
> message)
-> linux-m68k. maybe Bernd knows something.

> On the console everything works.
Fine then. I declare this image working on atari, the X thing is not worse
than with 2.2.10, right?
> BTW I had a parse error with 'make xconfig' preparing my 2.2.10 Kernel and
> I had to use 'make menuconfig' instead.
Well, if your X does not work, xconfig will neither? I prefer menuconfig
anyway, the real(tm) experts use make config only...

Thanks for testing,

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