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Re: 68040 buserror patch

On Sun, 8 Oct 2000, Michel Lanners wrote:

> On   7 Oct, this message from Andrew McPherson echoed through cyberspace:
> > On Sat, 7 Oct 2000, Michel Lanners wrote:
> >> On   6 Oct, this message from Andrew McPherson echoed through cyberspace:
> >> >> The patch applies with minimal intervention to 2.2.16 from mac68k CVS
> >> >> and it seems to work (for me at least :). Would somebody with write
> >> >> access to CVS please commit it?
> >> >> 
> >> > 
> >> > OK, I applied the patch and it seems to work. ypbind runs now. :) I put up
> >> > a kernel at ftp://macduff.dhs.org/pub/cvs/vmlinux-2.2.16-100500.gz. I'll
> >> > commit the patch to CVS shortly.
> >> 
> >> Though your kernel does run, it locks up on my Performa 475 after some
> >> time (of inactivity?).
> >> 
> > 
> > Hmmm.... that's not good at all. Question: Does your Performa still have a
> > 68LC040 processor, or does it have a full 68040?
> Regular 68040. Got it at work out of an old Texas Instruments Unix box
> ;-)

That makes things more complicated... I'll have to look at the patch then
to see what's going wrong. Not that I'll probably find anything useful; I
spent weeks looking at the SCSI problem on the SE/30 only to have Michael
point out the obvious problem the first time he saw it.

> > Of course, if you have a regular 68040, then we've got a larger problem.
> > :( It works on my 660AV quite nicely. I'd appreciate further feedback from
> > 68(LC)040 owners on this to decide whether or not we should pull it from
> > CVS.
> I'll go about compiling kernels myself next. Anybody got experience in
> cross-compiling m68k kernels on PPC? Do these kernels actaully work?
> Cross-compiling should be a lot faster ;-), and I've got a
> cross-compiler installed (gcc 2.95.something, IIRC).

All my kernels up till the last one were generated on a Power Mac 7350
with gcc 2.95.2. Now I'm cross-compiling on my Intel box also running gcc
2.95.2. I suppose that could also be related to why you're having
problems. I'll back out the patch and compile a test kernel. I'll post a
URL when it's done.


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