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Re: 2.2.17 i386 boot-floppies uploading

> It is set in the StartInstall_clgen script, and I am pretty sure it is set
> correctly. Maybe clgen.txt is out of date, but nobody is working on the
> driver.

 That is not fully correct.

 The clgen driver as written by Frank Neumann and present in the 2.0.x
 and 2.2.x series of kernels is not being maintained anymore.

 Jeff Garzik has written a new clgen driver which was incorporated into
 the 2.3.x kernels at some stage (I _think_ 2.3.12; it was definitely
 between 2.3.6 and 2.3.22), and this driver does not yet seem to work
 with Amiga clgen boards.

 The latest version of the driver I have access to is in the 2.4.0-test-pre7
 kernel (yes, it's really called that), but the compile dies at an early
 stage on my machine. (I _could_ try this version of the driver with
 something like 2.3.47, which IIRC does compile).

 It might be worth backporting (and fixing :) Jeff's driver to 2.2.x.

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