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Re: install prob: "unable to open initial console" on A4000

>Hmm, I remember seeing that with an other a4k, but we got it going on that
Ah, at least I am not alone ;-)

>Are you still in the initial install or are you trying to rebootafter the
base has been 
It happens during the initial boot, regardless whether I start Linux from
the CD-ROM or from a copy of it on the harddrive.

Later then, I have ext2fs-formatted the partition I reserved for debian,
using an old RedHat system, and I installed the contents of the base2_2.tgz
manually - but that doesn´t help me either, because when I try to boot into
this partition, it complains that it has not been set up correctly and that
one should use the rescue floppy..... (Well, I would, if I could...)

I _think_ (>3 months ago...) the initialconsole persisted, it was not fatal,
the real problem was
>that the rootpartition was too small. How large are your partitions? Give
root at least100MB, no
>matter what is written in one of the many docs.Christian
The LNX/0 partition prepared for the Debian installation has about 1,1GB and
sits on hda6. SWP/0 has about 100MB and is located on hda5.

However, the initial install boots into the RAM disk. There are 64MB of RAM.
I think, this should be enough...? ;-)
The boot sequence talks about 16 RAM disks of 4096kb.

Thanks for your help



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