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2.2.16 kernel-images [Was: Re: Debian2.2 and clgen on Amiga3000]

On Sun, Oct 01, 2000 at 12:51:16PM +0100, Michael Schaffner wrote:
> Is there a way to get a kernel with this patch without compiling
> it myself ?
whats the problem?
> 68060/50 Mhz. 
Do you think somebody has a faster machine?
> You select 120 MB in dselect -> you go to work, come home 10 hours later :-)
> -> the installation asked you a question 5 hours before you come to your
> machine -> the screen is full of clgen-debug-messages -> you have no way
> to know what the question was -> nearly unusable.
10 hours? How do you do that? We are in the year 2k, we are using apt-get
these days. With slink and before apt was available, you could achieve those
times, but with apt everything is lightning fast!
Anyway, thanks to Lars, I now have the mac 2.2.16 kernel source and the clgen
dedebug patch. I will try to build an amiga kernel image with that.
It would be good if some atari (and mac and vme (Nick?)) users could try to
build that kernel as well and test it. 

If it all works out, I would like to use this kernel for the next
boot-flopies version. For this we probably need a kernel-patch package, but
I see no 2.2.16 kernel-source... Nick?


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