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Re: 2.2.16 kernel-images [Was: Re: Debian2.2 and clgen on Amiga3000]

On Thu, Oct 05, 2000 at 04:09:39PM +0100, Nick Holgate wrote:
> I have built an experimental kernel-patch package which can be found at:
>  http://auric.debian.org/~holgate/kernel-patch-2.2.16-m68k_2.2.16-1_all.deb
Cool, thanks!
> Missing, is the clgen debug info patch, if someone would send it to me I'd
> be grateful... Christian? :)
> patches that match the source tree version and fail). Perhaps we should
> discuss the strategy for getting the 2.2.16 kernel-source and images into
> R1.
Adam>Oh -- ick.  We got .15 and .17 but not .16.  I guess you'd have to
Adam>either upload or ask Xu to upload such a package.

> Finally, I have not even attempted to compile a kernel using this patch set
> so be warned.
I am building (from yesterdays CVS) on kullervo for amiga, it takes much
longer than I expected... I will try with your patch package at home. I am
also interested if my amiga survided the day running this kernel.


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