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Kernel issue with SE/30 and Debian 2.2 installation

This is my second-most-recent boot log; the most recent one ends up
the same, even though I'd removed the old Penguin Preferences file
from the System Folder. I've run Debian 2.1 (2.0 kernel) on this
machine since last year, so the hardware itself should be capable. Is
there anything obvious that I'm doing wrong?

Logging started Tuesday, August 8, 2000 6:48:46 PM
Penguin App version 18

Logical To Physical Mapping table (V2)
Logical -> physical : length
0x00000000 -> 0x00000000 : 0x00800000

System: 7.5.5
Gestalt ID: 9 (Mac SE/30)
CPU: 68030
FPU: 68882
Physical RAM: 8 MB
Command line is 'root=/dev/ram mac5380=4,2 video=font:VGA6x6'
GUnzipping Delenn 540MB:mac:linux
.Kernel format: ELF

The kernel will be located at physical 0x00001000
Kernel at logical address 0x1d8784
GUnzipping Delenn 540MB:mac:linux
..................Read 1185368 bytes for segment 0, requested 1185368
.Read 76544 bytes for segment 1, requested 76544

Bootstrap's bootinfo version: 2.0
Kernel's bootinfo version	: 2.0
Kernel entry physical is 0x2000
RAM disk at 0x0033a784, ends at 0x0040eb84, size is 849 K
Kernel segment 0 at 0x1d8784, size 1369344
Kernel segment 1 at 0x326c84, size 76544
Kernel size is 0x161000

boot_info is at 0x339784
boot_info size is dynamic

ramdisk logical target 0x72bc00
ramdisk physical at 0x72bc00
ramdisk physical top at 0x800000

Bootstrap logical 1: 0x00000000
Bootstrap physical : 0x00000000

Dump of bootinfo, version 2.0:
BI_MACHTYPE           = 0x3
BI_CPUTYPE            = 0x2
BI_FPUTYPE            = 0x2
BI_MMUTYPE            = 0x2
BI_MEMCHUNK[0].addr   = 0x00000000
BI_MEMCHUNK[0].size   = 0x00800000
BI_RAMDISK.addr       = 0x0072bc00
BI_RAMDISK.size       = 0x000d4400
BI_COMMAND_LINE       = root=/dev/ram mac5380=4,2 video=font:VGA6x6
BI_MAC_MODEL          = 0x9
BI_MAC_VADDR          = 0xfee08040
BI_MAC_VDEPTH         = 0x1
BI_MAC_VROW           = 0x40
BI_MAC_VDIM           = 0x01560200
BI_MAC_VLOGICAL       = 0xfee08040
BI_MAC_SCCBASE        = 0x50f04000
BI_MAC_BTIME          = 0x3990560f
BI_MAC_GMTBIAS        = 0xfffffed4
BI_MAC_MEMSIZE        = 0x8
BI_MAC_CPUID          = 0x1
BI_MAC_ROMBASE        = 0x40800000

Booting Linux (fasten seat belts, please)...
slot_int_set: slot 0x09, drvr_refnum -52, spID 0x80, spExtDev 0x00, ON 0
Error -17 slot_int_set for slot 0x09
slot_int_set: slot 0x0E, drvr_refnum -49, spID 0x80, spExtDev 0x00, ON 0
Warning: 1 error(s) while turning OFF slot interrupts...booting anyway!

Logging ended Tuesday, August 8, 2000 6:49:37 PM

After this, I get a white on black screen with the following:


 vidaddr: FEE08040
  _stext: 00001000
bootinfo: 00162000
cpuid: 00000000
  00000001 01560200 00000040 00000001

and it freezes.

Mike Renfro  / R&D Engineer, Center for Manufacturing Research,
931 372-3601 / Tennessee Technological University -- renfro@tntech.edu

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