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Re: Kernel issue with SE/30 and Debian 2.2 installation

At 1:06 am +0100 9/8/2000, Mike Renfro wrote:
>This is my second-most-recent boot log; the most recent one ends up
>the same, even though I'd removed the old Penguin Preferences file
>from the System Folder. I've run Debian 2.1 (2.0 kernel) on this
>machine since last year, so the hardware itself should be capable. Is
>there anything obvious that I'm doing wrong?
Snipped Penguin log entries

You might like to try Penguin 17.  I could not get Penguin 18 to work when
installing Potato on my IIsi.

Remove the Pegiun 18 app before you attempt restart

Hope this helps

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