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Re: Potato boot floppies on Mac getting "invalid compressed format"

>> Michael Schmitz <schmitz@mail.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de> writes:

 > No, this means that none of the Debian/68k developers has a Mac.

 Oh.  I always thought Roman had a Mac.  I was wrong, it seems.

 > entirely rely on Mac users testing the distribution. My guesswork
 > edits to the install guide, Christian's tests on Amiga and the Mac
 > install guide all differed in not so subtle ways. It seems I was
 > off on some accounts because I didn't do any potato install in a
 > long while, the Mac install guide was off because it wasn't written
 > based on the test boot-floppies version, and Christian was usually
 > right on.

 Darn.  I wish I had known this two weeks ago.  I really didn't look
 at the install guide past the point where I understood I needed to
 keep MacOS and boot using the Penguin thing...  after that it was
 reading kernel code figuring out what the heck that 4,2 meant.

 From what I recall, it was a pretty normal Debian installation,
 modulo those things I mentioned previously, the fact that the floppy
 just doesn't work, meaning you have to have a CD (which I don't) or
 somehow get all the installation stuff on a folder on a HFS partition
 (which I must say is literally so: just drop everything on a folder,
 it doesn't have to have any special structure, pick the bits from
 disks-m68k plus the bits from the mac subdirectory, put them on the
 folder and the installer will find them).  When asked about the
 install media, say harddisk and select list, you'll be presented with
 three choices per directory, the folder itself plus the two resource
 "directories".  A minor cosmetic detail with the installation is the
 drivers selection, you just have to go in and go out (unless of
 course some netcard has a module or something like that, I don't
 know, for the Mac IIsi there's nothing extra to install).  Besides
 this, you don't want to "make Linux bootable from the harddisk", you
 just want to reboot, edit the Penguin Prefs to reflect the new setup
 and enjoy.

 Sorry this is not that accurate, I'm typing from memory.
 > I won't be able to do anything without detailed patches. The people
 > on linux-mac68k won't be able to help you without a detailed
 > description of your problem.

 Do you happen to know if it's possible to get some documentation for
 the mac5380 controller?  Ray Knight mentioned it needs some fixes.
 With my last try I've got a stable system, or so it seems until know,
 and I'd like to take a look at what's going on.  I don't have any
 other Mac to compile kernels on, but I guess I can harrass James or
 someone and get me an account on "our" 68k box, which I recall is a
 Quadra, which should beat the Mac here for such things.


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