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Re: Potato boot floppies on Mac getting "invalid compressed format"

>  > No, this means that none of the Debian/68k developers has a Mac.
>  Oh.  I always thought Roman had a Mac.  I was wrong, it seems.

Roman Zippel does have a Mac (and he tested the FPU emulator on it). He's 
not a Debian developer. Roman Hodek (the Debian developer) has no Mac as
far as I know. 

>  > I won't be able to do anything without detailed patches. The people
>  > on linux-mac68k won't be able to help you without a detailed
>  > description of your problem.
>  Do you happen to know if it's possible to get some documentation for
>  the mac5380 controller?  Ray Knight mentioned it needs some fixes.

There was at some early point in development scans from the 5380 data
sheets on the web someplace. I had a copy of those, and found them less
useful than the Atari 5380 driver code to use as a reference. I didn't
keep those scans around for sure. You could ask Roman Hodek (the Atari
5380 author), maybe he still has some data sheets. 

The Mac 5380 driver essentially is the Atari 5380 driver, minus the STDMA
lock madness and Atari interrupt and DMA stuff, plus the Mac interrupt
stuff. The Atari driver works, the Mac driver doesn't always. If someone
could confirm the Atari driver works OK with the very same disk attached
to it that breaks the Mac driver, we could reduce the area to look at to
the Mac interrupt code, or implicit assumptions in the driver that rely on
a particular interrupt structure. 

My work on either the 5380 or the interrupt code is over a year back now
so my memory gets a bit fuzzy. But if you have any specific questions, I'd
be happy to answer them. 

>  With my last try I've got a stable system, or so it seems until know,
>  and I'd like to take a look at what's going on.  I don't have any
>  other Mac to compile kernels on, but I guess I can harrass James or
>  someone and get me an account on "our" 68k box, which I recall is a
>  Quadra, which should beat the Mac here for such things.

The m68k build machine is a 060 Amiga. Ask Roman for an account on that
You can cross compile kernels on any other Unix system, all you need is a
cross compiler for m68k. 


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