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Re: Segmentation Fault

Jordan Curzon wrote:

> I have installed slink on a Performa 637CD with a 68LC040 chip. I
> have read about problems with it and that somethings don't work. When I try
> to run adduser it reports a segmentation fault and quits the program. It
> also does the same thing with varius other progs.

I also have the same problems but I have installed potato. My machine is an LS
630 with the awful 68LC040 chip. I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether the
float emulation code is working correctly in the kernel. Does anyone have any
first hand knowledge of this?? When I us ls it segfaults at random, is this to
be expected with a faulty chip? Is it that the emulation never works or that it
does not work consistently? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


p.s. if the emulation does not work does this mean the kernel will not boot?
Should gunzip work?

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