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Re: new boot-floppies

On Fri, Apr 21, 2000 at 01:12:23AM +0100, Thomas Sjölin wrote:

> version of the file. I believe that I have tried just about every possible
> time to do it and the result was always the same. I had to copy the modules
> from /target/lib.... to /lib...... to be able to install the modules.
Well, maybe something has changed between the build I burned on CD and the
next. Just ignore it, it was just a hack to fix a bug in modconf. I have a
newer modconf now, which is supposed to fix this. 
Will try a new bf build. Upload on tuesday.

So how about looking at amiga-fdisk for the weekend? ;-)

icons: I had a look at the ones you sent me, they have no or the wrong
colors for me. I think they look like the ones from Massimo look to you, ie
white background, grey logo. The newicons have the correct color from the
debian logo... I'll keep those. You say you can convert them to OS3.5 icons?
But they will not work with newicons on a 3.1 system, so not much use to me.
Maybe put them in a contrib.lha file, but right now I am happy with the


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