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new boot-floppies (Was: Re: Install with new potato boot-floppies)

 On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 06:05:43PM +0000, John K. Stevenson wrote:
> 68K-People of linux:
> 	Is there a howto on making the boot-floppies? 
install the boot-floppies package and read the readme. Dont wonder when it
does not work out of the box, but it should be good enough to create the
rescue disc and base.tgz.
where did you get tftplilo from? Is it in some package? Which? I need that
to complete the build...

> Thanks for the 2.2.10 boot-floppies, I'll put them to good use.
I just put a new version up on
which might actually work on amiga, maybe also atari and mac.
For Amiga, Ive used the icon provided by Massimo (I guess the top drawer is
invisible, will fix that next time...). Just download base2_2.tgz and
[amiga|atari|mac]install.tgz and go. The macinstall file might not be
complete, please tell me whats needed to go in. Also it uses penguin16, do I
have to take penguin17 from the slink CDs? Or anything newer? Any needs to
be adapted then? Somebody who wants Mac to be supported in potato please
sort this out and put it all into a tgz file.
The VME stuff is totally unsorted, no idea what has to go where, there was
no hint in the bf scripts... but it should be all available on tha page, in
bits and pieces. Some thing as for the Mac goes here...

BTW new xfree (3.3.6-6) is in incoming.

BTW2 I dropped lha completely. Will use tgz for the install files, yes
Michael I was serious when I said lha is the reason for the boot-floppies to
live in contrib. Do you know any other reason?
lha 1.50r can not extract lha files created with linux, I do not want to
install new software nowe on my amiga, aminet germany is down... Install tar
on your amiga, dunno where I got mine from (Geek Gadgets?) but it works
fine, even with compressed files. Same for Atari users.

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