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Re: apt-error (fwd)

On 28-Mar-00, you wrote:

> It seems you should read a good book about unix first..

I have, I have used Unix before, but it's a while ago and I have forgotten a
lot. Don't have a book at the moment but I will get one.
> Well, thats an information at least. Ok, I did not use slink for a long
> time, so I dont know about its apt. You dont have a normal user account?
> When you install the system, you are asked if you want a normal user
> account to be created, you said no? You shouldnt, doesnt it say there you
> should really have one? Remember, this is unix, not AmigaOS.
> To create one later, use "adduser". bug seems to run as _any_ user but
> root, that is for security reasons, you should use the root account only
> when its absolutely necessary, any unix book will tell you that.

Well, I like to live dangerous. The problem with me is that I want to dig as
deep as possible right from the start and that I have kind of a short
temper sometimes.
> Check space: df
> Check packages: dpkg -l <package>, you can use wildcards here. Or run
> dselect, doesnt it tell you numbers? What about your
> /etc/apt-sources.list? Dont tell me, you do not know how to look at it.

Of course I know how to look at it, as well as I know quite a LOT of things.
However, I have never had any serious problems before, wich perhaps is
unlycky. I have done quite a lot, like compiling kernels, kaffe and so on
and have succeeded. But, right now I want things to work, preferably
yesterday, and this makes me overlook some things and I rush into things.

> I heard rumours, that there will be a debian for dummies book this summer,
> not sure if that is a good one, but maybe thats the one for you? There is
> a lot of online documentation, probably installed on your system allready.
> Try apropos space. man df. apropos user, man adduser. its all there.
> But it seems, your not the one to test the new boot-floppies, how about
> testing icons for amiga OS?

I resent that. I will NOT sink down to this level. But, I suppose I invited
it too. I learned one thing from this, don't write anything when frustrated
and don't expect to be treated like a normal person.

I will leave this list if you prefer and I will never bother anyone with
anything again. I know my Amiga inside and out, I have had one (now three)
since 1987 and I have used computers since 1981. I know more about
computers than most people, and that is probably the real problem, I know
too much. I throw myself into things to easily and and think I know
everything which I don't, I know that, but at a giving moment it doesn't
really work like that. But that doesn't justify comments like this, at
least that's my opinion, even if I may deserve it in some ways.


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