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Trouble installing Debian on MVME167

I am trying to install Debian on an MVME167.
I have downloaded from slink (March 2 version):
     linux (for MVME167)
     root.bin (for MVME167)

and moved these to /boot with new names as directed.

I have set up tftp and the MVME167.

When I reset the MVME167 I get the 167bug>
prompt.  I have set up tiot. When I do a
nbo it boots ok to the LILO prompt. I
enter i167, then I get

Loading kernel 'linuxMVME167' ...
Loading ramdisk 'rootmvme.bin' ...
Kernel has no bootinfo version info, assuming 1.0
Bootstrap's bootinfo version : 2.0
Kernel's bootinfo version    : 1.0
(using backwards compatibility mode)

after which nothing else happens.

What am I doing wrong?
jcz@ziplink.net (Jim Ziegler)

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