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Re: Booting 2.2 kernel on an SE/30

> I am trying to boot a 2.2 kernel on a Mac SE/30. I have no trouble
> booting the vmlinux-2.0.36-990525.gz kernel but all attempts at a 2.2
> kernel give the following results:
> I get the penguin in the corner and the following text:
> MacLinux
>  vidaddr: FEEo8040
>   _stext: 00001000
> bootinfo: 00162000
> cpuid: 00000000
>  00000001 01560200 00000040 00000001

Start debugging the various bits of kernel startup that happen before 
the framebuffer gets initialized. A serial cable attached to one of the
serial ports (with the console=ttyS0 or console=ttyS1 kernel options) is 
helpful there. If you can't hook up another computer to the serial port of
your Mac, you'll need to re-implement the 2.0.36 early text console 
feature  (basically, head.S needs to export the console output routines in
a way that they can be called from C code. See the 2.0.36 source for


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