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Re: kernel

Not sure what you mean by recent, but you can find
'newer' kernels than 2.0.x at
ftp://ftp.mac.linux-m68k.org/pub/kernels/. I didn't
find the faq's helpful for using precompiled kernels.
Just unstuff/decode the kernel to your macos and
specify it in your Penguin settings.

I suppose you can do this all in the macos, but I used
linux. Here's how I did it:

1. fetch vmlinux-2.2.10-19991015.gz and
modules-2.2.10-19991015.tar.gz to mac partition with
debian/penguin directory.
2. boot linux
3. mount mac partition where you downloaded the kernel
4. copied modules archive to root partition and
untar'd it.
5. unzipped kernel into penguin directory on mounted
mac partition
6. rebooted into macos
7. start penguin and specify new kernel in settings
8. boot linux--you're using the new kernel.

At the risk of being castigated for presuming to know
what I'm talking about, I will qualify this by saying,
it worked for me on a Centris 610 with a 68040(fpu),
64mb ram, 2.1gb quantum fireball, and onboard sonic


--- enrico <deathangel69@libero.it> wrote:
> where can i find	 a recent m68k kernel for linux
> debian m68k??
> is there a faq about update kernel????
> thx
> enrico
> =======
> linux debian m68k
> on quadra 610 with 16 ram and 2 gb hd
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