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HMmm.. blasted X and damm my foolish action

Hello, I need to upgrade or solve a constant problem with current slink.

X drops out and lands me into a console on numerous occasions.. since I dont
see much mail about this. I can only assume its a problem I have.

Now a example.. Gimp has never work for me.. it loads and then X drops out..
leaving me with the console again.

Arena hates Debian site when it loads a jpg file (Debian logo) it does the

Now I know some programs crash.. but to take X every time or most times is

I'm find X a little unstable.. the version installed is 3.3.2.x I under this
to be old. But I cant install a newer version, unless I move to Potatoe..
please help. 

Can I install a Generic m68k version from a Linux site and install that.
Without breaking the system?

My system is: Amiga, 030/50-co/50 16mb fast, aga. Slink dist.

Kind regards


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