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Problems with Amiga @K with GVP accelerator.


I am having problems with Debian on my amiga.  First, the system

A2000, GVP g-force 68030 40mhz accelerator, MMU, Math co-processor, 12 megs
ram.  Ariadne II ethernet card.  Sony CD rom (SCSI). 3 hard drives, 80 meg,
120 meg, and 1.3 gig (all SCSI).  Internal floppy and hi-density external
floppy.  USRobotics 28.8 modem external.  3.1 Rom and operating system.

With this system, after the kernal unpacks, the white screen comes up, then
the power light blinks dim and bright 3 times and the machine crashes with a
black screen.  cntl-amiga-amiga is needed to proceed to the crash screen
where a program error is displayed, always at a different address.  Memory
tests show no problems.  All other programs work just fine.

I was able previously to get debian loaded and running with an older GVP
accelerator, a 69030 at 33 mhz with a IDE controller (unused) and a seperate
SCSI interface card in the machine (not built in as above) only after
putting the 8 megs (the limit for that accelerator) on the SCSI card.  This
system was dog slow due to the memory being on the SCSI card and not on the
accelerator.  With the memory on the accelerator, the same problems occured.

Is there some known problem with GVP accelerators?


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