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Re: Review Article: Comparison Linux / NetBSD for Amiga

> > - The NetBSD on the Amiga Unix Compendium CD comes with compiled KDE
> >   packages, Linux m68k does not. Important for the user IMHO!
> KDE is important for the user? Well, I do not use KDE, neither gnome, I do
> not find it important. Also, on m68k machines I find it a waste of
> resources, why slow down a slow machine even more? But then, I never used
> it, its maybe just a prejudice :-)

I agree.  KDE is completely unimportant for users to be able to use
Linux.  I try each version as it comes out but it has never really
stuck so far.

If it's that important to someone they can download the packages, if
you make a big issue of KDE by default installation, plase make sure
you state clearly that it's your personal preference in the article.

It would be torture on resources to make the default KDE for most 68k
machines, as Christian said, so I would actually say it is _bad_ to have
KDE the default manager as you say the Compendium CD does with NetBSD.

However, that is also a distribution specific thing, not all NetBSD
distributions would have KDE by default either :)  I remember installing
NetBSD years ago manually and it only had .tar.gz's of the precompiled
X binaries and default example config files from the original source.


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