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Re: Init and boot problem.

> >> INIT: entering runlevel: 2
> >> Starting system log daemon: syslogd klogd
> >> Starting deferred execution scheduler: atd
> >> Starting base networking daemons: portmap inetd
> >> 
> >> INIT: Id "1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
> >> INIT: Id "2" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
> >Did you, by any chance, install any potato packages on a slink system
> >before the last reboot?
> Before I installed the latest version of util-linux of the potato on my slink
> system. After I get an error and I couldn't execute any command included in
> the util-linux archive (-> the error output was: Segmentation fault).

And that's exactly what's happening now: getty segfaults and dies, and
init gets tired restarting it, pausing for 5 minutes, gets tires again, ad

Explanation: the new potato packages use libc6 aka glibc version
2.1.something whereas your slink system uses 2.0.7. These are not
compatible (you need to install glibc 2.1, it is backwards compatible at
least for all things util-linux). 

How'd that happen? Well, you 'installed' util-linux using dpkg -X instead
of dpkg -i. Read the dpkg help message, it says to stay away from things
like -X unless you know what you're doing. dpkg -i would have told you
that util-linux can only be installed with libc6 2.1.x already in place
(that's the mysterious 'dependency' thing), and refused to install
something that breaks your system.

Summary: you completely hosed your system, by clueless use of dpkg ...
There are no safeguards against stupidity of the system administrator,

I just saw a mail by Christian on this topic arrive so I'll leave it to
him to explain the gory details. Maybe you can still boot into single user
mode, but I'd not count on that.


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