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Re: Y2K.

On Thu, Jan 06, 2000 at 07:43:34AM +0800, Stephen Hardman wrote:
> The machine will be completely free to run as a build daemon as I
> no longer use it as my desktop (AGA just doesn't cut it anymore :)).
> What do you want me to set it up as... Slink or Potato?
I think we opted for slink at that time, but talk to Roman.
Michael could build slink boot-floppies on that one then *DUCK*
> Is it an issue that I'm not an official maintainer, yet? (I emailed
> my application before the new maintainers were cut off, but there
> must have been a queue and they decided to also halt the queue).
If Roman has root access to the machine and he runs the build daemon, that
should not be a problem.

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