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Mac IIcx: power off on shutdown --- is it possible?

Hi all!

I've just installed slink on Mac IIcx and is extremely happy with it. Great
job! The only problem which I face now is that the power is not automatically
switched off when I do "shutdown -h now", I always have to do it myself. If I
try to reboot the computer, it hangs just after the screen becomes black and I
have to use a brute force again. On the other hands, Penguin loader says in
hardware profile that SoftPowerOff is available. Is it possible to turn this
feature on somehow? 

I've tried to look at the kernel source and got an impression that this
possibility is deliberately switched off:
  #if 0
          * Powerdown, for the Macs that support it
         if(rbv) {
                 via_write(via2, rBufB, via_read(via2, rBufB)&~0x04);
         } else {
                 /* Direction of vDirB is output */
                 /* Send a value of 0 on that line */
                 via_write(via2,vBufB,via_read(via2,vBufB)&~0x04);+       }

What's the reason for this? Does someone have a kernel image which does the

And another related question: can Linux sense the "power" key being pressed? I
mean, not a combination of keys, but just that key alone? Or any other key
with a direct hardware connection (like "reset")? I'd like to be able to
switch my Mac on and off without direct access to it, since it's going to rest
in a closet, but with some wires attached. Connecting two bottom pins of the
keyboard jack does the "on" part (this is equivalent to pressing "power" key),
but the "off" one is still a problem. Especially because of... (see the top
half of the mail).

Thanks a lot in advance for any help!

  --- Alexander.

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